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  • Adding A Vibrator To Sex


    Adding A Vibrator To Sex

    For those you who can't orgasm from penetrative sex alone—and research shows only 18 percent of women can—adding a vibrator can make the act a little more…satisfying. But even if you regularly visit O-town with your partner, your favorite toy could make it even more magical, stress-relieving, and pleasurable. (FYI, those are just some of the benefits of having an orgasm.)

    But how do you go about pulling it off? "I recommend exploring and getting to know each your body and your partner's body without a toy first," says Resa Weinstein, a sex, relationship, and confidence coach. Then, approach your desire to add a toy by telling your partner that you think it would be *flame emoji* to try something new and use a vibrator together.

    "When you've agreed that you're both ready to bring them in, it may offer a new type pleasure and different orgasm you didn't know were possible," says Weinstein. Emphasis on both, here. In partnered sex, "It's critical that everyone is on the same page with the toys being introduced to the encounter," says. (#Sorrynotsorry, but whipping it out is never an option).

    Once you've established that a vibrator is going to be used (cheers for asking for what you want!!), here are nine sex positions to use with a vibrator and bae. Continue reading

  • Wand Vibrator Sex Positions That Are Downright Magical


    Wand Vibrator Sex Positions That Are Downright Magical

    Wands are the power tools of the sex toy world. There's no subtlety, just 100% full-on throttle. While people have known about “neck massagers” for decades, these vibes remain classic bedroom staples. Here's how to get down with one. Continue reading

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