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Sex toy glossary and dictionary of terms and phrases related to sex. If you think we've missed something or would just like to help us complete this list please do contact us! You can do so either through the usual methods or social media.

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69 – Also Sixty-Nine is the form of mutual oral sex between two parties forming the shame of 69. Wikipedia Blog


Anal Beads – Anal beads are beads or balls either on a string or held together by the plastic or rubber they have been molded from for inserting into the anus and then used by pushing them in and pulling out. Often anal beads had smaller beads on one end gradually increasing and a hoop to help you take them out again. Wikipedia Blog Shop

Anal Sex – Sexual intercourse involving the insertion of the mans penis or some other body part or object into the anus. Can also be done by women using toys or strap-on. Wikipedia Blog

Analingus – Synonymous with “Rimming” the term describes the act of oral sex on the anus. Wikipedia Blog

Anorgasmia – Persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation. Wikipedia

Asphyxiation – Suffocation via strangulation for sexual stimulation, known to highten the intensity of an orgasm. A dangerous sexual practice that sometimes results in fatality. Wikipedia

Autofellatio – The act of a man performing oral sex on himself. Wikipedia


Ball Gag – A type of gag which has a ball at the front which is positioned in the mouth to silence a play partner, popular in BDSM and bondage. Wikipedia Shop

BDSM – An acronym for “Bondage Discipline, Sadism and Mascochism” A term used to broadly group a vast array of different sexual practices and fetishes. Most commonly associated with bondage involving restraint, punishment and humiliation. Wikipedia Blog Shop

Bi-curious – A person who is unsure of their sexual orientation and curious about having sex with both genders. Usually describes someone comfortable with having heterosexual relationships but new to same sex encounters. Wikipedia

Bisexual – A person who is sexually attracted or active with both males and females. Wikipedia

Blowjob – The act of performing oral sex on a male, this involved oral stimulation of the penis (Techniques can vary) A LOT!. Also see “Fellatio”. Wikipedia Blog

Boner – Synonymous with “Erection” when a penis is hard and erect the oppose it a flaccid penis. Wikipedia

Bottom – Usually refers to the submissive in a BDSM act, the alternative to “Top”. Wikipedia

Breath Play – Restricting the breathing of a sexual partner by strangulation, suffocation or other methods as sexual stimulation. Wikipedia

Bugger (v), buggery (n) – Anal Sex often used when referring to anal sex between two parties but not limited to. Wikipedia Blog

Bukkake – The same as “Facial” when multiple men ejaculate on a persons face, often features in porn. Wikipedia

Butt Plug – Butt Plugs are commonly short and fairly thick plug like dildos or vibrators for insertion to the anus. Popular for public play and in the world of BDSM. Wikipedia Blog Shop


CBT / Cock & Ball Torture – A form of bondage involving torture of the testicles. There are devices and sex toy accessories called CBT toys to aid in this kind of fetish. Wikipedia Blog Shop

Choking – See asphyxiation. Suffocation via strangulation for sexual stimulation. Wikipedia

Clitoral Toy – Sex Toys specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, can range in shapes, sizes of device types. Wikipedia Blog Shop

Cock Ring – Cock rings go around the base of the penis restricting blood flow and increasing sensitivity and helping you stay harder for longer. Wikipedia Blog Shop

Condom – A product to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and prevent unplanned pregnancies. Often made from some form of latex and worn over the shaft of the penis. Blog Shop

Cunnilingus – The act of performing oral sex on a women, more specifically licking the clitoris to take the women to climax.  Blog

Cybersex – The act of having sex over the internet whilst chatting via text, webcam or voice chat in some cases though that could also be considered “Phone Sex”.

Cyberdildonics – See also “Teledildonics” Sex toys with advanced technology, artificial intelligence or two way or one way remote or smartphone app controlled sex toys.


Deep Throat – Oral sex on a man where the penis penetrates the throat. Can usually only be performed by people with no gag reflex.

Dildo – Often used to describe a penis shaped object for vaginal insertion and pleasure, usually dildo refers to none powered sex toys. The plural can be either Dildos or dildoes which is confirmed after doing extensive research.  Blog Shop

Dominatrix – Synonymous with “Domme” refers to a dominant female or Mistress.

Dominant / Domme – A dominant can be male or female but is more often used for men and abbreviated to dom for males rather than Domme for females. This term describes the dominant party in a BDSM relationship and is the opposite of a submissive.

Double Ender – A Double Ended Dildo.  Shop

Double Penetration / DP – A sexual act where two holes are penetrated whether that be using sex toys or penises doesn’t matter. One popular style is the “SpitRoast”.  Blog


ElectraStim – Devices which release an electric charge producing low level electric shocks for those into electrosex.  Shop  

Enema – Apparatus for douching, flushing the anus with warm water or other liquid by pumping it in via a ball/bag and tube.

Erection – See “Boner” the penis when it is hard due to sexual arousal.

Erotic – Anything of a sexual or sensual nature.

Exhibitionist – Someone who partakes in “Exhibitionism”. See below.

Exhibitionism – Taking pleasure from exposing yourself to others or being watched during the act of having sex or being naked.

Exotic Dancer – Often used as a euphemism for a stripper.


Facial – When a man ejaculates in a man or womans face.

Felch – To ejaculate in the persons asshole and then lick or suck the spunk out. A form of “rimming/analingus”.

Femdom – Femdom is short of Female Dominant and is also referred to as a Mistress, Domme and Dominatrix.

Feminization – A sadistic act of feminizing a man by making him act and dress like a female.

Fetish – A strong sexual desire or obsession. Often refers to a particular sexual activity which is considered taboo or a social faux par.

Fingering – To finger is to sexually stimulate a the vagina or anus with one or multiple fingers. A bit of a throwback classic which seldom wanes in popularity.

Fisting – A progressive act from fingering but much the same only involving an entire fist.

Flaccid – A soft, in-erect or unaroused penis.

Fleshlight – A popular brand and style of masterbator for men though they also do products for women now. Shop

Flogger – A type of whip used in BDSM and Bondage play.

Foreplay – Sexual acts and provocation with proceeds sexual intercourse.


Gag – A device to restrict ones mouth, there are various types such as the O-Ring Gag and the Ball Gag.nShop

Gangbang – The act of multiple men having sex with a woman.

Glory Hole – A hole cut in the wall or the side of a toilet cubicle allowing strangers to perform sexual acts on a mans penis from the other side. Popularized in gay clubs and public toilets in the countryside.

Gonzo – Gonzo porn is unscripted and real. Many people prefer the organic nature of this kind of pornography due to the intimate voyeuristic nature.

Group Sex – Also referred to as an orgy this is sexual intercourse or play of any kind with three or more people involved of either sex. It can be all male, or female or a mix of both.

G-Spot – A bump in the vagina’s upper wall which is especially pleasurable when stimulated, poked and rubbed.

G-String – A type of extremely revealing thong which is pretty much a string.


Hand Job – A sexual act which involves emulating sexual intercourse with a hand. Usually referred to when masturbating another person and not yourself.

Hardcore – Refers to porn with erect penises, graphic content and penetration.

Hardon – See “Boner” and “Erection”.

Head – Slang for oral sex performed on a man.

Hentai – Japanese animation also known as Anime or Manga which depicts sexual imagery and graphic sex acts.

Heterosexual – A person attracted to ONLY the opposite sex

Heteroflexible – People who consider themselves to be mostly heterosexual with occasional interest in the same sex.

Hitachi / Hitachi Wand – The original manufacturers of wand massagers and a popular term used to describe the products still to this day even if not manufactured by Hitachi anymore. The term is also common in pornography. Shop

Homosexual – A person ONLY attracted to their own gender.


Impotence – The inability to produce sustain an erection. Largely alleviated by modern science and the Viagra pill.

Interracial – A relationship sexual or more between two parties of different ethnicity.

Intercourse – Short for “Sexual Intercourse” in this context.


Jack Off – For a male to masturbate. Same as Wanking, Tossing, Stroking, Jerking Off, Tugging.

Juice – A term used to describe the natural lubricant produced by a womans vagina before and during sexual intercourse.


Kegel exercises – Vaginal exercises which can be done by women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscle and as a result both tighten their pussy to produce more resistance and friction when having sex with a male and a better orgasm. Shop  

Kinky – A term used to describe someone with unusual fetishes or taboos. Is also used to describe things and specific acts of sexual play.

Kinky Outfits – Describes attire and clothing that is erotic or fits into a kinky roleplay scenario. Shop  


Latex – A type of durable extremely flexible rubber often used to create sexy outfits and garments for adult entertainment and bondage.

Lesbian – Term used to describe “homosexual” women. Women that are attracted to women ONLY. A woman attracted to women but also men would be bisexual.

Libido – A term to describe ones sex drive, also referred to as a persons “Mojo”.

Lube/Lubricant – A liquid which is slippery to enhance sexual intercourse. Powder based lubricants also exist for sex toys to ensure they lock together and can be released after usage. Shop

Lycra – A material often used for leggins and other female attire which can be a fetish for the opposite sex.


Magic Wand Vibrators – Magic Wand vibrators are very powerful clitoral stimulation vibrators many of which are even wall powered. Shop  

Masturbator – A stroker is a device to aid male masturbation, they are also referred to as strokers. Shop  

Masochism – Taking sexual pleasure in receiving pain, punishment, being controlled and or humiliated both verbally and physically.

Masturbation – The act of pleasuring yourself sexually.

Menage a Trois – Derived from French where it translates to “Household of Three” it is used in English as a term for having a threesome.

M.I.L.F – Acronym for Mother I’d Like to F**K. Also often given to attractive yet mature females regardless of whether they have had children.

Missionary Position – Also shortened to just “Missionary” refers to the most traditional sex position in Western Culture which is woman on the bottom on her back and man on top facing down during penetrative sex.

Mistress – A dominant woman in a BDSM relationship. Also referred to as Miss, a Domme or a Dominatrix.

Money Shot – When a man ejaculates over a womans face or body.

Multiple Orgasm – When a woman climaxes multiple times in succession during a single act of sexual intercourse or play.

Mutual Masturbation – When two or more people masturbate together often watching or fondling one another at the same time.


Nocturnal Emission – Commonly known as a wet dream when a man emits semen during his sleep often during sexually heated R.E.M.

Nonoxynol-9 – Is a spermicide added to lubricant products to increase the contraceptive effectiveness of the product.

Nooner – A sexual activity that takes place around Noon during the day or during work whilst at a workplace.

Nymphomaniac – A term to describe a woman with an extremely high sex drive, a woman would be referred to as a “Nyph” for short.


Oral Contraceptive – An oral contraceptive is a pill orally consumed to prevent pregnancy.

Oral Sex – Using your mouth to perform a sex act on another parties genitalia.

Orgasm – A sexual climax often accompanies by ejaculation in males and in some cases squirting for women. Sometimes followed by a form of sub space, sometimes even regret, guilt, shame, and euphoria or other emotional response quite the contrary to that of during the orgasm and before-hand.

Orgy – Sexual intercourse or play with three or more parties. Also known as “Group Sex”.

O-Ring Gags – A type of gag for oral control which holds a metal or plastic ring at the front which is positioned in the mouth behind the teeth and tightened to prevent the mouth closing, this is popular for forced oral sex play. Shop


Paddles – A flat often leather punishment accessory as an alternative to spanking with a bare hand. Shop  

Paraphillia – A sexual desire or obsession over a particular object or sex act. The same as a “Fetish” and a “Kink”.

PC / Pubococcygeus Muscle – The muscle that is targetted when doing Kegal exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.

Pearl Necklace – Ejaculating or cumming on the neck or upper check which can resemble a pearl necklace.

Penetration – The act of entering an orifice for sexual gratification whether it be mouth, vagina or ass. This could involve a penis or sex toys.

Pegging / Peg – Pegging is the act of a woman using a strap-on to penetrate a male anus while topping him.

Penis – The sexual organ belonging to the man. The penis shaft inflates as blood floods to it when aroused.

Polyamory – Having sexual relationships with multiple partners.

PreCum – Clear liquid expelled from the penis during sex and before the final ejaculation. It can however contain a high number of sperm cells and can get a woman pregnant.

Premature Ejaculation – When the man cannot control when he ejaculates or hold back and often expels his semen too early or before the woman has climaxed.

Pussy – Another slang term for the vagina the part of a females sexual genitalia.

Pussy Juice – The liquid emitted from a womans vagina during sexual pleasure.


Queef – A vaginal fart “Fanny Fart”.

Queer – Originally a derogatory term for homosexuals which has since been adopted by those it was used to describe and as a result thankfully desensitized. The term originally meant “strange” or “odd”.

Quickie – Used to describe quick sex. Usually when planned. Example: “Do you fancy a quickie later?”.


Rainbow Sex – Performing Oral on a woman whilst she is on her period.(Not for the faint hearted).

Rampant Rabbit – The best selling vibrator of all time, with its signature bunny ears for clitoral stimulation while the vibrator sits inside the vagina this double action device has been a winner for over a decade. Shop  

Raw – Going in “Raw” describes having bareback sex.

Reach Around – The act of a man having anal sex with another man whilst reaching around to also give him a hand job.

Rimming – Used to describe oral sex focused on the anus. Licking the rim of someones asshole.

Rubber – Slang for Condom.


Sadism – Taking sexual gratification from inflicting pain, discomfort or by humiliating another party. One of the pillars of BDSM and the alternative to Masochism.

Scrotum – The sack of skin which contains the mans testicles.

Semen – A liquid which contains sperm that the male expels during climax. Also known as spunk, cum, come or a load.

Sex Addict – A person with a compulsive and usually self-destructive desire to engage in sexual activity regularly to a point where it effects their life.

Sexpert – Someone authoritative on the subject of sexual relations and pleasure.

Sex Toys – Objects and electrnical devices that can be used to stimulate sexual arousal and induce a climax. Can be used solo or with partners.

Sexual Intercourse – Typically describes vaginal sex between a man and a woman but is not limited to this definition.

Shaft – The part of the erect penis starting at the base and up to but not including the head/bell.

Shemale – A transexual who has not undergone a complete sexual transformation. Most often Shemales have breasts but still have their penis.

Sixty-Nine / 69 – Mutual oral sex between two parties. Names 69 due to the shape of the two numeral symbols.

Slut – A derogatory name given to a woman who has had many sexual partners. Can also be used as term of indearment or humiliation on a BDSM capacity and relationship.

Snowballing – Swapping cum orally after ejaculation, often back and forth several times with lots of french kissing.

Sodomy – Sodomy is the legal term of anal sex. Also known as buggery.

Softcore – The opposite of hardcore this denotes porn that is not very graphic and perhaps only reveals boobs or a flacid penis.

Sexually Transmitted Disease / STD – Any disease or infection transferred from one person to another by sexual contact or intercourse.

Sexually Transmitted Infection / STI – The same as above.

Spermicide – A sbstance that can ill sperm, usually applied to lubricants, a condom or other contraceptive decides.

Sissy – A type of male submissive who enjoys being feminized and pretending to be a girl.

Spooning – When two people lie parallel on their sides both facing the same direction and tuck into one another the way two spoons sit within one another. This can be used as a sexual position and as a post sex ritual.

Spunk – A slang term for “Semen”.

Strapon / Strap-on / Strap On – A wearable device usually comprising of two or three pieces, the harness, the dildo(dong) and the adapter(plug). Popular for lesbian sex but straight men also enjoy strap-on sex. Shop  

Stroker – A stroker is a device to aid male masturbation, they are also referred to as masturbators. Shop  

Submissive – A Submissive also known as a sub is the submissive party in a BDSM relationship sometimes also referrd to as a bottom. The opposite of dominant.

Swinging – A practice come couples enjoy which involves swapping sexual partners and watching your sexual partner with other parties.

Switch – Someone who enjoys switching between a dominant and submissive role in their BDSM activities and play.


Tea Baggng – When a male lowers his scrotom and balls into someones mouth, named so due to it resembling dunking a tea bag into a cup.

Tease – To act coy or inter sexual play slowly. Giving a taste and then leavng them wanting more.

Teledildonics – Teledildonics defines sex toys which can be remotely controlled via a wireless connection such as bluetooth or wifi. Many of these devices are interactive and send two way messages between two sex toys. The term cyberdildonics and bluedildonics are also commonly applied.

Top – Opposite of a bottom and the dominant person in a BDSM dynamic.

Tranny – A shortened term for Transexual.

Threesome – When three people have sex together.

Transgendered / Transexual – Having undergone complete sexual realignment sometimes also including hormone treaments to allow your to live and appear as the opposite of the sex you were born.

Transvestite – Men who dress up in womens clothing.

Tribadism – When two lesbians rub their vaginas together, usually in the scizzor position.

Twink – A gay or bisexual male who looks young, has a slight/thin stature and little to no body hair.


Uncut / Uncircumcised – An uncircumcised penis.

Unload – Another expression for ejaculating.

Upskirt – A photo or video taken in public up the skirt of an unaware female victim.

Unicorn – Used to describe a female into polyamory interested in having sex with an established couples. This name was given as they are akin to the rare mythical creatures.

Urethral Sounding – A urethral sound is a medical device originally devised to keep the urinary tract open in men with enlarged prostates. The thin smooth metal rod can be inserted down the Urethra (tube connecting the bladder with the opening of the penis. Some people enjoy this as a fetish. Shop  


Vac U Lock – A popular strapon brand owned by Doc Johnson with a cool range of accessories and add ons.

Vagina – A womans sexual organ, a canal which is penetated during sex and used to deliver babies.

Vanilla – Traditional none kinky sex.

Viagra – A trademark of Pfizer this is the pill which helps men get an erection when they experince erectile disfunction.

Vibrator / Vibe – Usually used to describe a penis shaped object for vaginal insertion and pleasure, vibrators refer to powered sex toys which vibrate, often with multiple power levels. Shop  

Violet Wand – A wand shaped device which creates a shocking sensation.

Virtual Sex – Another term for Cybersex.

Voyeurism – Getting aroused whilst watching others have sex.

Vulva – The external part of a womans genitalia and includes the labia and clitoris.


Wank – To masturbate. More commonly used to describe male masturbation.

Wartenberg wheel – A rotating wheel studded with sharp pins and attached to a handle. It was invented by Dr. Robert Wartenberg as a decide to test nerves and skin sensitvity however it is now used in BDSM and bondage as a form of sensation play.

Watersports – Sex involving urination such as golden showers.

Wet Dream – When your body excretes a liquid from your sexual organs during your sleep.

Whips – A punishment accessory often leather for whipping / hitting another play partner. Shop  

Whore – A derogatory term used for a prostitute but also used as pet name in the BDSM world.

Wife Swapping – A form of swining where you swap partners.

Wood – Another way to say a penis is erect.


X Rated – The content is of explicit nature.

XXX – Three X’s means it is hardcore and of very explicit nature.


Yaoi – Like Japanese Hentai but focussing on homosexual man on man sex.

Yoni – An ancient Indian term which features in the Kama Sutra often used in reference to trantric sex and representing the vagina.


Zelophilia – A fetish and condition in which a person is sexually aroused by experiencing jealousy. This can manifest in wanting your partner to cheat on you so you can watch and or catch them out and get off on it. A difficult fetish which can be managed with the right partner who understands. It is however also a diagnosed mental condition that can be treated with therapy.

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